March 1, 2018

Dr. Matt is the real thing! I came to him after years of desperately seeking a diagnosis to my chronic inflammation and pain. After years and years of going back and forth from one doctor to another, and always being given prescriptions to medicine that didn’t treat my medical issues but instead, caused other side effects which made me feel worse. Seeing Dr. Matt was different from the start, he took the time to actually talk with me and determine the reason for my suffering. Dr. Matt was able to work out a plan to put me on the road to recovery after a very thorough review of my blood test results. One year later, I am no longer overweight, my overall perception of good health has changed and most importantly, my chronic pain has subsided a great deal. I will continue seeing Dr. Matt and expect that I will continue feeling better. I have every confidence in him because of his caring and honest demeanor. He’s not a miracle worker but, very close to being one!