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Dr. Matt and his staff are so friendly and knowledgeable. I’ve been working with them for a little over 2 weeks and I feel incredible! People all around me are already noticing a difference! I’ve struggled with pain & feeling uncomfortable for many years & they’ve helped reset my body! If you are looking for a natural way to be healthier then this is where you need to go!!

Karen Molina Bronzino March 1, 2018

Dr. Matt, Lisa and the rest of the team are very friendly and caring. So far I’ve lost almost 20 pounds with their help and support. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Stella Apostolou Anaxagorou March 1, 2018

Dr. Matt, Lisa and his staff have been the reason I’ve been healthier in the last couple of years than I ever was before. Not only do they provide me with nutrition and health support, but my mind and self as well.

Lauren Daitz March 1, 2018

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Matt for the past several years. We all have successfully lost weight (in my case 30 lbs). But more significantly, Dr. Matt and his team changed our lifestyle and made all of us eat and feel great!! Chronic digestive problems, muscle aches and unexplained weight gains have all disappeared. Thank you Dr. Matt!!

Michael Prospect March 1, 2018

I have only seen Dr. Matt for a few weeks now, and I already feel much better. Dr. Matt, Lisa, and their entire staff are wonderful and very helpful. I highly recommend that anyone not feeling well, or needs to lose weight, see Dr. Matt ASAP

Greg G. Wantagh NY March 1, 2018

I’ve been seeing Dr. Matt for a month now in the hopes of alleviating side effects related to Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease. I have been suffering with this condition for over four years under the care of a skilled endocrinologist with few results. I started feeling better almost immediately. I have more energy, less brain fog, and my mood has improved. With dietary changes, natural supplements, and the valuable nutritional information I’ve learned, I’ve lost 5 pounds already! Dr. Matt and his staff are very knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. They truly are committed to helping their clients achieve optimum health. I look forward to this journey back to health with Dr. Matt and his team’s guidance.

Tamara Vinning March 1, 2018

Dr. Matt has changed my life. He listens to you and comes up with a plan that addresses your issues. After only 2 weeks, I was more energetic and felt so much better. He has given me what no other doctor has….a better healthier lifestyle.

Linda F. Baldwin NY March 1, 2018

This will be my third year with Dr. Matt Lewis I came into the office with a slew of health problems, which honestly have all been corrected through nutrition. I feel better than I did when I was younger and there’s no turning back. It is a commitment and sometimes a struggle, but it is worth it and the way you feel you’ll never go back

Michael S. Great Neck, NY March 1, 2018

I went to Dr. Matt as a last resort. I couldn’t stop crying, I put on 6 pounds in one weekend, I hadn’t had a night’s sleep in years and pretty much hated life. Now it’s only been 4 weeks but let me tell you – Dr. Matt is a magician. I not only have lost 8 pounds (I know, not a lot) but more importantly I get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. I have to mention that my golf game has improved by 12 strokes, much more important than the weight loss. Dr. Matt listened very carefully to what I was experiencing and is turning my life around one day at a time. Thank you Dr. Matt and Tina for caring and getting me back on track.

Elinor Matthews March 1, 2018

“Dr. Matt is a real professional who is knowledgeable about all aspects of wellness. He has identified my needs and given me the tools to lead a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Matt makes a difference.

Roxanne K. Setauket, NY March 1, 2018

Happy, healthy, and having a lot of fun! Lost 20 pounds, my back is perfect and living a healthy life! Thanks Dr. Matt!!!

Karla Rentería Guevara Sunnyvale, CA March 1, 2018

The thing I appreciate most about Dr. Matt is that he doesn’t just try to pump you with prescription drugs to fix your problems, but rather suggests natural remedies and lifestyle changes that you can make to improve your health. By making the recommended changes to my diet and with the supplements that I was given, my health has improved, I feel so much more energized, my skin is a lot clearer, and I lost about 5 pounds in 2 weeks without any alterations to my exercise routine (which was an added bonus!). I had considered myself a healthy eater before, but I had no idea that some of the everyday foods that I was consuming were the reason that I never felt 100%. The dietary recommendations that he has made for me are now my permanent eating habits. I’m so grateful that I came in for a consultation and would seriously recommend him to anyone!

Eme B. Long Island, NY March 1, 2018

Dr. Matt is the real thing! I came to him after years of desperately seeking a diagnosis to my chronic inflammation and pain. After years and years of going back and forth from one doctor to another, and always being given prescriptions to medicine that didn’t treat my medical issues but instead, caused other side effects which made me feel worse. Seeing Dr. Matt was different from the start, he took the time to actually talk with me and determine the reason for my suffering. Dr. Matt was able to work out a plan to put me on the road to recovery after a very thorough review of my blood test results. One year later, I am no longer overweight, my overall perception of good health has changed and most importantly, my chronic pain has subsided a great deal. I will continue seeing Dr. Matt and expect that I will continue feeling better. I have every confidence in him because of his caring and honest demeanor. He’s not a miracle worker but, very close to being one!

Vicky M. NY March 1, 2018

Upon first calling the practice of Dr. Matt Lewis I was professionally greeted. I was welcomed with a warm friendly personality over the phone. Completed all of my patient forms, then Dr. Matt introduced himself and his philosophy of practice to me, reviewed my medical history, needs, concerns, questions, etc. We determined I needed supplements included in my daily nutritional regimen. I have been consistently adhering to my appointments, supplements and I see a significant change – A must try!

Dr Frank Peritore, DDS Brooklyn, NY March 1, 2018

Dr. Matt has helped me in ways that I wasn’t expecting. I came to him to see if he can help me with inflammation of my feet, and a road to a healthier lifestyle, and he not only provided that, but changed my whole way of thinking. He provided me with the tools and understanding of why I was afflicted with my conditions and he provided sound explanations that other doctors failed to do so for so many years. In just a short amount of time, he showed me how I can lose weight, and keep it off, by creating a new eating habit that was easy and delicious. I have the highest regard for Dr. Matt’s methods and plan to continue seeing him for encouragement and guidance.

Fred Berdeguez Land O’ Lakes, FL March 1, 2018

Wow! Where do I begin…. Dr. Matt was referred to me by a friend and I decided to go to him to speak about stubborn weight that would not come off and some autoimmune issues. Dr. Matt took all my information, he completed blood work and took an overall look at what was going on. To help rule some things out, he put me on some supplements based on my blood work results. Dr. Matt really got to the root of my issue and with his help I was able to finally get rid of some unwanted weight. Lisa was my assigned health coach and she was extremely helpful in figuring out what dietary & lifestyles changes needed to be made. Tina, another health coach, was an awesome source of strength and comfort when I needed to vent in regards to my progress. The office staff was super helpful in making and changing appointments for me and keeping me up to date with workshops in the office. I absolutely LOVE coming to this office and I would refer anyone, you too, will be hooked!!

Kerri K. Long Beach, NY March 1, 2018

Dr. Matt and his team are awesome. Dr. Matt gets right to what your issue is and has the expertise to fix it. Lisa (Holistic Health Coach) speaks with you about eating right and has great suggestions and the front desk staff greets you with a smile. Highly recommended!

Dawn Comer DelRossi March 1, 2018

When no other doctor could help me, Dr. Lewis figured it out. From dealing with my serious illnesses to my weight gain, I am now a healthier, happier human being.

Lori Miller Melville, NY March 1, 2018

I saw Dr. Matt for about 3 years. It was the best experience of my life. He balanced my hormones, changed my diet and decreased my migraines!!  I now know what I have to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle thanks to him.

Karen S. Queens, NY March 1, 2018

For ten years I was plagued with asthma, allergies, obesity and fatigue. I suffered with constant bouts of bronchitis and was consistently prescribed steroid medication as a remedy, further contributing to my weight gain.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired, my general practitioner recommended I see Dr. Matt Lewis. Dr. Matt prescribed a remedy of nutrition and supplements specific to my needs and deficiencies. I met regularly with Dr. Matt and his support team, my nutrition coach Tina, who is wonderfully supportive and encouraging. She gave me great recipes and snack ideas to help with my progress. Within six weeks I had renewed energy to go back to exercising. I was feeling healthier and I lost 15 pounds in the first six weeks! I continued with Dr. Matt and in 10 months have lost 40 pounds and kept it off, but more importantly, I feel great! My asthma and allergies are in check and I haven’t had a bout of bronchitis since starting with Dr. Matt. I’m even back to taking my dance classes again!

What sets Dr. Matt Lewis apart from other doctors, nutritionists and “diet specialists” is that he tailors and designs a program to the individual’s needs, which is unlike the “cookie cutter” approach to weight loss and wellness of other programs. In addition, Dr. Matt’s aim and goal is for his patients to achieve health and wellness and to adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent future illness…and weight loss is the bonus. Dr. Matt and Tina, I cannot thank you enough for setting me on a path to good health and fitness…and giving me my life back!

Karen Goldman Long Island, NY March 1, 2018

Since my husband and I started going to Dr. Lewis 3 months ago our lives have changed for the better. We have more energy and just feel better with everyday that passes. I’m so happy that Dr. Lewis and our health coach Lisa have helped us gain our young and energetic selves again. We are so grateful!

Clara A. North Babylon, NY March 1, 2018

I just want to say one of the best decisions I have ever made was to make an appointment to see Dr. Matt Lewis in May 2015.  I had spent the previous year struggling every day to get out of bed.  I was gaining weight, no matter how hard I tried to diet and exercise.  I had no energy and I had severe aches and pains in my joints as well as muscle cramps.  I was suffering with confused thinking, anxiety, sleeplessness, gastrointestinal issues and bloating.  I was diagnosed Hashimoto’s Disease in 2005, had been hospitalized for pulmonary embolisms in 2012 and had gallbladder surgery in 2014.
At the time of my appointment, I was on medication for anxiety, depression, asthma, allergies, GERD, insomnia, migraines and 2 medications for my thyroid. In the months I have been in his care, I have lost over 20 pounds.  I am walking/running every day at least 4 miles.  I no longer feel fatigued midday.  I no longer take medication for depression, anxiety, GERD, insomnia or migraines. I also cut down to 1 thyroid medication.
Dr. Matt Lewis is an intelligent, compassionate professional.  At One Integrative Wellness, you are treated personally.  The visits are relaxed and informative. Never have I felt rushed.  I believe Dr. Matt Lewis and his team of colleagues were nothing less than my miracle!! I never thought I’d feel alive again and I do…so thank you!!!

Stephanie Ehl Long Island, NY March 1, 2018

Hi, I’m Roberta. I’ve lost over 28 pounds in the past year. People say that I am aging backwards. I also feel better eating healthier and this is the first time I’ve actually been successful and stuck with it. Thank you One Integrative Wellness.

Roberta H. Holbrook, NY March 1, 2018

Virginia, my mom, is an 80 year old patient who was diagnosed with severe COPD in 2006 and uses oxygen 24/7.  As a result of having COPD, Virginia is susceptible to respiratory infections and pneumonia.  Prior to being treated by Dr. Lewis, Virginia was unsteady when she would stand/walk and her hands were very shaky.  Since being treated by Dr. Lewis, Virginia has been able to fight off a respiratory infections without taking antibiotics and steroids. In addition to supplements, Dr. Lewis altered Virginia’s diet which resulted in her being more steady when she stands/walks and her hands no longer shake.  Virginia has also lost almost 20 pounds which has increased her mobility.

Robin E. Tampa, FL March 1, 2018

My name is Mary Kwok and I am a board-certified clinical pharmacy specialist. I earned my Doctorate in Pharmacy from the State University of New York at Buffalo (UB). My two areas of practice are anticoagulation and resistant hypertension.

My wellness journey began over five (5) years ago, with Dr. Matthew Lewis as my guide. Over the course of my management, I learned that my symptoms were due to a leaky gut. I had joint pains, fatigue, and difficulty with losing weight. With proper nutrition and supplementation, the transformation was astounding.

The first noticeable change was that my energy levels have significantly increased. As a result, I was able to establish an exercise regimen that consisted of training with a trainer three (3) times a week and yoga practice. In the last year, I was able to lose seven (7) inches from my waist! This is so important for reducing risk of Heart Disease.

Although I am a work in progress, I continue to feel better and stronger every day and I am looking forward to my next adventure. It is because of this transformation, I have decided to pursue a Master’s degree in functional medicine and nutrition. School has started and thank goodness, I have the energy to keep up with assignments and a busy work schedule! I’m excited to apply this new knowledge along with my pharmacy background to help others achieve optimal health.

Thanks to Dr. Lewis’ patience and guidance, I will be able to accomplish this.

Mary Kwok PharmD November 13, 2017

Congrats to you! I am sad to see you go to Florida but so happy you cured me and made me feel better. Good luck on your new adventure. It was a pleasure being under your care and I am thankful for all you have done for me. I look forward to still keeping in touch in the future. Best of luck to you and your family.

Former Patient Syosset, NY June 7, 2017

Good Luck, Matt. Lucky for Florida, sad for NY! God bless!

Sue Barberesi June 6, 2017

Thank you for helping change my relationship with food and get healthier. I am maintaining my A1C level of 5.5. I will miss you but wish you and your family well in Tampa.

Jackie Thresher June 5, 2017

I came to Dr. Matt with serious health issues. It was amazing to have a doctor with a holistic approach, who took the time to really listen and address the issues at hand. He is caring, compassionate, knowledgable and responsive. I’m so much stronger and have a healthier lifestyle because of his care and guidance. Both Dr. Matt and his staff have a genuine interest in their patients well being and are always kind, considerate and empathetic.

Lauri M. Brooklyn, NY (from Yelp) June 4, 2017

When no other doctor could help me one weight loss figured it out. From my serious illnesses to my weight gain I’m a healthier happier human being.

Lori M. East Rockaway, NY (from Yelp) June 3, 2017

I first went to Dr. Matt for unexplained aches & pains which seemed to occur when I ate. I also had numerous digestive complaints and depression. Dr. Matt did testing to ascertain which foods were creating my symptoms and started me on a variety of supplements. Within a few weeks, my health and mood had improved dramatically! Over the next year, not only did my health continue to improve, but I also lost 40 pounds! Dr. Matt also helped my son with chiropractic care. He is an extremely intuitive doctor as well as a very kind person and an excellent listener. Let me also note that I had tried to work with my regular docs on all of these issues with zero success. Going to Dr. Matt has been life-changing for me. I give him my very highest recommendation.

Jessica K. Levittown, NY (from Yelp) June 2, 2017

Dr. Matt with his personalized style of care has saved my life and given me back my health. He has helped me lose over 30lbs and keep it off. When I went to him I was diabetic, hypertensive, had sleep apnea, and high cholesterol. Dr. Matt setup a plan of care that assisted me to no longer need diabetic medication, take 1/4 the blood pressure medication, lower my cholesterol to 168 triglycerides to 86, and no longer wear a mask for sleep apnea. His knowledge and caring along with my work have allowed me to become a healthy woman that gets through my day with a smile and a spring in my step.

Darlene B. Seaford, NY (from Yelp) June 1, 2017